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Healing Unveiled: Embracing Vulnerability

Finding Strength in the Shadows, Discovering the Light

By samrin mohammadiPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

In the depths of darkness, I found my light, A journey of healing, an uphill fight. Through shattered pieces of a broken past, I embraced vulnerability, I held it fast.

No longer hiding behind a mask of steel, I bared my scars, wounds that time couldn't heal. In vulnerability, I discovered my strength, Unveiling the truth, embracing the lengths.

With courage as my armor, I faced the pain, Danced with shadows, embraced the pouring rain. I screamed my story, let the world hear my voice, A battle cry of healing, my ultimate choice.

In vulnerability, I found my release, Unleashing the demons, granting myself peace. Raw and exposed, I mended my soul, Stitched together the fragments, once full of holes.

I nurtured my wounds, tended to the ache, Found solace in vulnerability, no longer opaque. In opening up, I discovered connection, A bridge between hearts, a powerful reflection.

Healing isn't easy, it takes time and grace, But vulnerability's the key, to find your own space. Through words and tears, I let my story unfold, Transforming my trauma into lessons untold.

So I stand here now, with scars on display, A testament to resilience, a brighter day. With vulnerability as my guiding light, I heal and rise, ready to take flight.

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samrin mohammadi

Samrin Mohammadi, Passionate poet sharing captivating verses on Vocal.media

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  • Jennathul Nisha5 months ago

    Your diligent efforts are truly commendable, I invite you to explore my work as well, if you are able.

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