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Why you keep following me

Infecting my mind poisoning it

Inside until I am old and sick

Holding my head because all the noise and shit

It just a reminder of too many scars

A lot of insecurities too many flaws

My heart feels heavy because to many bars, of your thoughts

Dictating my walks of life

For the pain that I caught, from your eyes

The pleasure I fought, thinking twice

This when the scale weigh down the hardest

When you never realize that the pain is so honest

Wanting more since your love is starving

Like a tattoo their feelings is a carving

Mind Will

Body Life

Soul Hope

Nothing is soothing to your heart

When you there.

Sitting there

Being there

Remembering that you return to the haunting that got you here


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V the poet (Fvginaction)
V the poet (Fvginaction)
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V the poet (Fvginaction)

just a deep thinker stuck in thoughts.

exploring ways to free the mind

and embracing the wonders of the world.

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