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By Harydo NeonPublished about a month ago 2 min read

In my room, stomach feeling empty, allergic to good food

Mental boom, I could have been petty, so let me just cook

Lately I, have been dealing with much, trying to explore

With my torch, searching inside of my mind, I just heard the beast roar

Confluence of interest and overthinking made me, run away from true love

I guess one day I'd have to conclude and mourn, that it's forever gone

Maybe my, pen would stop writing about it eating me, but the pain is still raw

For every single ceiling I make for myself, I still count 1000 flaws

3 is the time, I have tried to appear at that court, waiting to be judged

Judge looks down, says it isn't your turn, but He still calls me son

We don't talk as much as I would like, I feel it's really my fault

Roll my tongue to talk but nothing comes forth, cat's got my tongue locked

On Freya's day, I go to see my shrink, to find out what's new up north

Still holding those keys, from that room that I locked, I repainted the door

But I feel she is close to the deep, finding it and my drawers of sock

Black balloons, I might frighten her and she'd run away from my mansion

Over time, I have thought of leaving this course, maybe try to take a long pause

I still struggle with certain concepts, it does really feel broad

Somehow I found a way to hold on, it's a massive anchor

I love kids, it's what motivates me on, purest things in this world

I don't know the state of Olympus, it's been a while since I called

Zeus and Hera, still picking up bones, with no vertebrae to support

Ares thrives, Loki really at peace, Athena, Hermes, I should give them a call

Oizys tried to hold it together, while it tore him up, blood all up on the floor

Now it's back to reality when I am in my room, now I have food

Appetite comes at weird times so I don't cook, I just eat

People think 100 different things about me, rarely care, It's all cool

If you were all up in my own head, it'll scar you too, without bruise

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About the Creator

Harydo Neon

I drain my thoughts through my pen. That's the only way I breathe.

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Comments (2)

  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    History vibes. Love to read that!

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Oooo, I especially loved the mention of the Greek Gods. Fantastic poem!

Harydo NeonWritten by Harydo Neon

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