Hand in Hand

by Hannah Petch 2 years ago in sad poetry


Hand in Hand

Hand in hand they walk

down dismal streets,

Too frightened to talk.

Fear that someone might

hear what they have to say.

He grips her hand tight,

no one must know.

As they approach the door,

they stand side by side,

arm in arm. If the truth comes out

they’ll have to go.

Flee this place, somewhere far

away. They’ll get in the car

and drive, find somewhere

new to stay.

A new beginning for her

and for him.

A place where others don’t

know about this sin.

And once again,

hand in hand they’ll walk

down brighter streets,

and they’ll talk.

Talk about the future

not the past.

And their secret will stay

between her and him

And no one will ever

know about that sin.

sad poetry
Hannah Petch
Hannah Petch
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