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Haiku, home


By Prince Alonzo Nawi Alimuddin IIIPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Haiku, home

I will write an ode,

my ancestor's sanctuary

I adore and embrace you

I portray you as glamorous, as a woman

Perhaps, I will wriggle it with my affection

Home, home, there is no niche like home

A place that I cherish, and rip me when I am lonely,

clasp me when I am tired

Your beauty is beyond doubt, and my love is beyond ornament,

and I will lay you in the inner of my heart, home,

home, my ancestors garden

I omit you forthwith, but I still clench my words

That one day, I will be reaching home,

Fondling the mobs, with an endless smile

Glimpsing your picture from a distance, OH, I am poor,

I can't be with you, give me the strength of hope so that I can mend you

I am fitful when I glimpse the breeze of loneliness, burden of commitment,

but I can't soothe, all by myself

nature poetry

About the Creator

Prince Alonzo Nawi Alimuddin III

short story writer and blogger

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