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Stabbed In The Back

By Jasper WolfPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Most dreams are easy to forget

This one is easy to regret

Sprinting down the sidewalk past my school

Gasping for breath trying to lose this fool

His feet never touched the ground

Mine stomping through the pavement

Making cracks with my speed

The blade emerged

It was time that he did his deed

No matter how fast I was

He wanted to see me bleed

The blade left his hand

Spun through the air

Stabbed into my middle back

Killing me without a care.

This nightmare is burned in my core

Right where I was stabbed by a whore

Was it her in that cloak?

Or was it the next one?

Who thought dragging me along was fun

Or the last one who didn't know what she wanted

left me numb

I feel no more

I lay on the sidewalk still

The only one standing over me is him

Leaving me bleeding

He tilts his head as he reads the name in the blood

It reads his name....Grim

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Jasper Wolf

Founder/Owner of Howling Wolf Freelance Writing

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    Jasper WolfWritten by Jasper Wolf

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