Great Things

By Kenneth Davis

Great Things

See I'm destined for great things

And I believe it wholeheartedly

Or else I'd never grasp

The writing a part of me

A blessing, to some a gift

Or rather, it is a curse

It's the first thing that I turn to

As a way to converse

The closest friend that I have

And I've known it for years,

Sharing so many thoughts

And some over tears

Perhaps over a beer

Or headed to work,

I never cease to express

Many thoughts I convert

I never said I was better

But some say that it's clever

I'm not striving for fame

But for comfortable change

Transition from lame

I mean, running amuck,

Aimlessly in the wilderness

Not giving a fuck

Even when I was homeless

Not begging for change,

In the library daily

Feeding my brain

I had a speech impediment

At early an age,

Stuttering over words

An embarrassing thing

Even in eighth grade

It was haunting me then,

Sitting in history class

Towered over again

Imagine reading aloud

In front of the class,

In front of a girl you liked

Hearing whispering laughs

But it's not about that

It's my form of retreat

Steering from anything

That would banner defeat

Many depth I have dove

And truly found comfort

There is no comparison

Or I would plummet

I've made many mistakes

But this is by far the best

Not bound by restrictions

Or ridiculous visions

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Kenneth Davis
Kenneth Davis
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Kenneth Davis

I'm grateful to have this gift. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share these with you. Thank you for your continued support.

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