Great Blue Heron

by Thomas Hally about a year ago in nature poetry

A Poem

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Have you driven over the Golden Gate Bridge on

your way from San Francisco to the County of Marin and flying next to your car you see a beautiful great blue heron?

Therein is the treasure of life-seeing animals in their natural state and not in a zoo, an aquarium, and least of all on a hunter’s buckskin rope.

Buckskin is what they use to tie their great blue herons tight so they won’t slip over to the left or right.

All small animals weather they b birds or otherwise are subject to this horrific demise.

Within the kingdom of the hunters and poachers there usually a kingpin, a old has-been been who profits fro the dirty work of his riflemen, even his next of kin.

The Original Sin was murder Cain’s younger Kin, Adam. If I were a governor I’d ban hunting of innocent animals because this mistake makes so many sadden.

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