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Golden Dawn

Dawn's Golden Tapestry

By SalwaPublished about a month ago 1 min read

In the quiet of dawn, whispers unfold,

Golden threads of sunlight, stories untold.

The sky blushes with hues of amber and rose,

As morning's tender fingers gently compose.

Birdsong weaves a symphony, notes in flight,

A canvas painted with soft, ethereal light.

The world awakens, stretching its wings,

In this golden embrace, hope forever sings.

Dew-kissed petals unfurl, secrets they keep,

Each bloom a memory, in slumber so deep.

Mountains stand sentinel, their peaks kissed by fire,

As daybreak tiptoes in, igniting desire.

The river mirrors the sun, a liquid gold stream,

Reflecting dreams and reflections unseen.

Silent promises whispered by zephyrs at play,

As dawn paints the world in a luminous array.

And so we rise, like the sun from its rest,

With hearts full of wonder, souls truly blessed.

For in this golden hour, life's magic is reborn,

A symphony of hope—a brand-new morn.

Remember, each dawn brings new beginnings and the promise of a beautiful day ahead. 🌄

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    SalwaWritten by Salwa

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