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Gold Rose

by Aiden Klimov 9 months ago in surreal poetry

An Entrancing Poem

I stood outside watching her. She was standing over the tree, using her left arm to lean closer over the edge of the large arm she was standing on. Her brown curly hair, sundress with beautiful flowers and the small tattoo of an anchor on the back of her calf.

She was everything to me, she meant more to me then life. She was my world.

My alarm clock wakes me to the sound of the radio playing. The weather was the same, cloudy with a high chance of rain.

I just lay there unmoving. I watch the broken fan slowly circle the ceiling. Mesmerized by the fan my eyes follow until sleep takes me again.

I open my eyes to flowers, fresh grass, and an open sky of pink clouds. I sit up this time and look around as the world folds over onto itself and I watch helplessly as the fields of wheat swallow me.

This time I wake to dogs barking and look over to my clock which is off. I look to the kitchen and no lights are on either. I lay there still watching the fan slowly circle but this time I get up and walk over to the only window I have.

I look outside to the grey sky, the grey buildings, the grey streets. The grey everything. I look to see the chained-up dog barking up to my window. I wave at it and it growls and barks more at me until the owner comes out and smacks it quiet.

I go back to bed and watch the fan circle the ceiling. My eyes drift back into reality. I open to find myself in the sea. Standing on the water and looking over the bright green sea. Giant lily pads float aimlessly around me, and I walk onto them to see the purple and yellow flowers which bloom right before my eyes.

A knock on my door opens my eyes and I just watch as the lock shutters from the knocking.

A couple more times and then it stops. I get up and walk over and press my ear to the door and hear footsteps walking away. I go to open the door but my hand quivers at the handle before I tuck it back in my sweater.

I go to sit by the window on the floor and watch the rain fall on the glass. I watch as the rain cracks the window and before I realize the window shatters in slow motion, and I cock my head to watch.

Before I notice I am floating through the hovering glass shards and float into the grey sky, nobody notices, and I just float away into the grey clouds.

I open my eyes to the grand tree. The girl this time dangling her legs on the large arm and her hands on either side keeping her in place.

Her smile catches my eyes and her green Saturn eyes meet mine and I fall back entranced and fold into velvet orange sheets.

I drift to my feet onto the grey streets in the rain. I look around to see no-one around and I look up to the windowless wall and walk to the door leading to my apartment. I go to open it but its locked and bars cover the handle and wood. I walk back in confusion and turn to a large theatre, blue velvet carpets and an empty ticket booth with one ticket left in the glass.

I take it and walk over to the doors which open up and the seats are empty except the middle where she is sitting.

I catch my breath and walk over and look to see a mannequin sitting there alone with one hand stretched out.

I take the hand and it pulls me close and her nose touches mine as the hammock swings silently high on the stage infront of hundreds of fish. I look to her not taking my eyes off and when she leans in all I can smell is cinnamon.

I open my eyes to see a glass case with cinnamon rolls freshly made steaming up the glass in the old shop down the street. I look up and take one sitting out and bite into the green, yellow apple and look down to see green slices falling to my feet.

I look to my left to see her running into a large archway and without reason I chase after. I catch up to her over a ravine where she is sitting on a stream with her hands holding a golden rose up to me. I reach out to feel the wheat crumble between my fingers and my eyes blinded by a bright light.

I close them and readjust to the static of the screen in my room and stand to turn it off and adjust the car stereo and take the wheel and drive down the hillside with her sleeping on my arm with the gold rose in a vase in her lap.

surreal poetry

Aiden Klimov

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Aiden Klimov
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