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by Caitlin Parsons 4 years ago in surreal poetry
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Thoughts From My Morning Shower

Jump… then fall. Jump… then fly. Weighted to weightless. It holds me like the clouds that shield the moon. Sun shining illuminating every scar along my body like a storybook of unmentionables. But forget I mentioned it. It’s the stillness from life where you are just existing. Drowning in the rushing waters, slit the wrists of the hands holding you down. Asking for help because that’s what you’re supposed to do, right? But it’s hard to put bandages on your own wrists. Recover. Everyone is recovering from something. But me, I can’t figure out what I’m recovering from. My own mind is my monster. But my words flow like a river that has never known boundaries. Quiet stillness to roaring waves crashing against the borders of my being. I have nothing to leave this world but my words. Perception is mere deception which turns to misconception. Opinions formed on snapshots of a life from which you were never welcomed to view. Shooting stars to beating hearts both linger for a time and fade off without a trace. Behind every passing face is a story worth hearing so listen. But it’s with every passing day that we are astray from the loudness of everyone else’s story. Who has the best life, who has the worst life. Who doesn’t know what to do with their life? Clock ticking, daily grind. Old movies and family home VHS videos to rewind. My future kids will never know. Seasons. But of all winter happenings, I love the snow. It’s the only substance that I can stick my hands into that make me feel everything and absolutely nothing. I hold it in my hand wondering if it will slip through my fingers like sand. Slip through my fingers like promotions, happiness, and love. I wrap my life in my words like a wet, snowy glove. Protected and exposed to the occasional brisk wind or snowflake. It’s the intense emotions I feel like an internal earthquake. Take cover. The only damages sustained are to me, myself, and I. Because I know how to lose myself. My writings locate me, relocate me, and sometimes just hold me hostage. Life looks good when you’re being preached freedom and finally taste it. They say the eyes can be the window to your soul which is why I like to keep mine closed. The path less traveled, the book read but not understood. Mystery is no mystery when I hold the key to the secrets. I’ve slept nearly 11 hours today but I still yawn. My soul is tired but I find beauty in the dawn. Capture my attention, the focus is strong. But I push you away because I’m a beautiful disaster. Tornado, volcano. A silent destroyer. But I put it back together, pick up the pieces. One door opens and another one closes but somehow I keep getting shut in and shut out. Can’t find my way out of this maze. Can’t see through this haze that surrounds me. Blinded and broadsided by life on the daily. But I keep pressing forward. Jump over obstacles that are nipping at my ankles. So close to goals that I never knew I even had. Fingertip goals that linger but somehow I’m still sad. When the world overwhelms me, my writings take me to a higher place where nothing defines me. Discovery, it’s beautiful and captivating. Redefining the ordinary by glance. But it is by chance that we are okay.

surreal poetry

About the author

Caitlin Parsons

26 years old. STL.

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