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Ghost Writer

A talent that few have, and fewer still

By Jazmin FernandezPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Angela Roma from pexels

There is an art to writing words that is kept secret.

a craft that is hidden but essential,

A writer's ghost, or the practice of Ghostwriting,

a heard voice that never boasts.

The pen of a ghostwriter is like that of a chameleon;

it can change styles and identities,

create the words that others will utter,

and give their clients' voices strength and individuality.

They are the unseen,

quiet collaborators who work in the background

and create the magic.

They are the ones who give the narrative life

and effortlessly make their clients shine.

The task of a ghostwriter is never complete

since they must write and edit until the story is spun.

They put forth a lot of effort and don't seek recognition,

yet their influence is felt and never forgotten.

So here's to the ghostwriters,

the unsung heroes who enable the flow of

language and the development of stories.

The universe of words would be incomplete

without them since they give words their true sweetness.

The profession of the ghostwriter requires skill,

a talent that only a select few possess.

They must be adaptable and able to seamlessly

switch between many styles and voices.

They must be able to record their client's speech,

polish it, and remove all background noise.

Their narrative must sing and their words must

flow in order for their client's message to be heard clearly.

The work of a ghostwriter is frequently invisible,

but its influence is felt,

like a dream that hasn't quite come to light.

They assist their clients in telling their stories

and making their voices heard in all their glory.

The speeches are written by them,

and they make the words flow like a river

that flows to They are the ones that write the

autobiographies and bring the tales to life,

just like never before.

So here's to the masters of the pen

—The Ghostwriters—

who consistently make the words flow.

Without them, the world of words would be lifeless

since they fill the narrative with detail.

💓Thank you for reading! :) ☘️Blessings to all!


About the Creator

Jazmin Fernandez

Hello Beautiful soul🕊️Here I am an imaginative freelancer, and marketer with a passion for storytelling and creating meaningful content. Writer, creator, such as articles, novels, scripts, poetry etc.

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