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by Mackenzie Andrews 4 years ago in heartbreak
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A Tribute to a Haunted Memory

i still taste the ashes on my tongue from where you burned yourself into a kiss.

i still feel your fire stoker fingers against my thighs from where your hands wandered close to my warmth.

i don’t want this though.

i don’t want your ghost rising from the ashes of something that only ever sort of was.

don’t want to remember how you would call me baby or that you would recite a father's saying when you were scared or stay on the phone with me three extra hours because i was scared.

don’t want to be reminded of yellow roses or red string or hopeless plans for a future that can’t exist.

i don’t want it.

i don’t want it.

i don’t want it.

i don’t want any of it.

soon it’ll be a year since i told you goodbye.

after that, it’ll be a year since we stopped talking entirely.

there are some days when i wish i had never met you.

those days are few and far between.

but just get out of my head, you wandering spirit.

i won’t build you another altar after i’ve already burned down the first one.


About the author

Mackenzie Andrews

Trying something new and hoping for the best has gotten me through life so far so I figured I should stick with it.

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