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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

A motivational poem that would make you shift your belief system and take action on crucial matters that would add value to us individuals

By Hannan MuzeyenPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
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The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word comfort is playing it safe and avoiding risks.

Others define comfort as…

Partying, smoking, drinking, getting the next best job, going to the best college to pursue a degree, winning the lottery, going to the casino to “hit the jackpot” in the hopes of winning tons of quick bucks and…

“Living life to the fullest.”

Many of us rely on external forces to be our comfort when it shouldn't be that way. Don't get me wrong, though. Being comfortable itself is an advantage.

But, even though being comfortable is a positive emotional state to be in, the thing we need to realize is not all comfort is going to serve us.

So, the comfort that I want to talk about is something else. If we're gonna talk about getting comfortable, let's talk about getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Comfortable in finding your purpose in life.

Comfortable in following your dreams.

Comfortable in not allowing other people's opinions to define your reality.

Comfortable in not making excuses for yourself for why you can't do it. Instead, finding reasons for why you should do it.

Comfortable standing in your truth.

Comfortable in standing out from the crowd and not being like everybody else.

Comfortable in not settling down for mediocrity.

Comfortable facing challenges in life.

Comfortable in learning new skill sets.

Comfortable in setting up goals for yourself.

Comfortable aspiring to become an inspiration for others.

Comfortable with embracing the fear of success.

Comfortable in failing forward even when things get tough.

Comfortable becoming the best version of yourself.

Comfortable in facing rejections.

Comfortable in making sacrifices to obtain a better quality of life.


Comfortable in not giving up on yourself.

Comfort comes in many different forms. But the comfort I'm talking about is not all pretty. Sometimes we gotta get comfortable in doing things we don’t wanna do because the type of comfort that would add value is what would lead us to win.

Comfort is not always what you think it seems. But we gotta accept that being uncomfortable can be ugly as well.

It’s a hard pill to swallow but…

We gotta get comfortable being uncomfortable.


About the Creator

Hannan Muzeyen

Hannan Muzeyen is a digital media producer and a web publisher. She became a Vocal Media creator in June of 2021.

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