George Floyd

Injustice by those who should provide justice

George Floyd

They serve to protect you and me and everyone

The weight on their shoulders, it must be a ton

Without rules and regulations society wouldn't function

But the reality, the law and human error often come to a junction

When the law says this and we do that

It can often lead to a fight or an unwanted spat

And often the law can be a matter of opinions

Prescribed by the rich and powerful dominions

And while we know the world is a scary place

We look to the police to bring justice, this is always the case

These words aren't meant to discourage the good you do

But merely express that you have to think things through

We understand that this is easier said than done

But after all your training, are you ready to carry a gun

While there are so many of you that are good within

There are also some of you that continue to commit sin

There have been numerous cases of judgement error

Don't you see that your power can create so much terror

For a man should be put to trial and a judgement should be reached

You are officially there to arrange a court date, otherwise the law is breached

Self defence is a different kettle of fish

To have you risk your life is no one's wish

But what happens when the arrest is all but done?

Will you still think about pulling the trigger of that gun

A knee to the neck while your colleagues have it all under control

Why do you continue to press, do you have no soul?

You are not the judge, the jury and definitely not there to execute

You've done your job, let this be the last dispute

And so another person is senselessly lost

The injustice continues, no matter the cost

And while civilians continue to scream and shout

Who will be next victim of a merciless clout

social commentary
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