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Gentle Rain's Soothing Embrace

Gentle Rain's Soothing Embrace

By Blue sky Published 3 months ago 1 min read
Gentle Rain's Soothing Embrace
Photo by Geetanjal Khanna on Unsplash

In the hush of a gentle rain, I stand,

As droplets, like whispers, fall from the sky.

Nature's tears, soft and tender, on the land,

A soothing touch as clouds pass by.

Each raindrop a kiss upon my skin,

Cool and delicate, a lover's embrace,

Cleansing the world of its earthly sin,

Leaving behind a peaceful, tranquil space.

The trees, they sway with a graceful ease,

Their leaves catching tears like outstretched hands,

The flowers bow, as if to say, "please,

Continue this dance across the lands."

A symphony of rain, a gentle song,

Pattering softly on rooftops and leaves,

It serenades all, the weak and the strong,

A lullaby that nature weaves.

As I close my eyes and breathe it in,

The scent of earth and life's sweet refrain,

In the midst of this gentle, soothing din,

I find solace in a gentle rain.

It's a reminder of nature's grace,

A gift from the heavens, a pure embrace,

In the presence of this gentle rain,

I find peace, and all my worries wane.

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About the Creator

Blue sky

Blue sky is an accomplished poet whose words weave emotion and imagery into captivating verses. Born on 5th may 1995 in Lagos, Nigeria. Blue sky discovered a passion for poetry at a young age, finding solace in the beauty of language.

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