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Gay Opinions

by Kennedy Brown 2 years ago in slam poetry
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It's not really a choice

“Being gay is a choice”

An opinion posted by: user unknown

I think to myself

“What a slap in the face”

Do you really think that I choose to be alone?

I do not choose to be like this

I do not want anything less than the fairy tale stories we’ve all seen on Disney movies

I do not want to be limited- I can only find dates, using apps on my phone

I only want LOVE, and do not choose to make finding LOVE a hard task

I’ve been single for almost a decade, because I was born away from gay communities

I cannot just put on a mask

The choice of being with a man, is completely out of my cards- I cannot wake up straight or bi

If being gay were a choice, I would turn it off

I wouldn’t fall for every straight girl and have my heart crumpled like a piece of paper- tossed away repeatedly

I ask God for a trade-off

“If you could just turn me straight, I could be happy”

“I would owe you my life”

He doesn’t listen

slam poetry

About the author

Kennedy Brown

LGBT member, just trying to make a difference.

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