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Full Summer Impact

Taking a nostalgic trip

By CR. Phoenix Published 2 years ago 1 min read
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With May coming to an end and June just around the bend

It tends to lend an idea, and that idea comes with an abundance to spend


Spending your time relaxing

Having fun in the sand, on the beach maximizing your tan

Kids playing clear, in the parks and on the streets

Laughing out loud and without fear


Summer speaks to us in vastly different ways

It provides that spark anew, a sign to better days

Groups will gather from and afar

They bring with them joy and plenty of cheer

On a backyard deck or down by the pier


The strip on the beach full of people looking to get noticed

Those drive-by sports cars, flaunting their beefed-up passengers,

Booming with blaring bass that could shed the clothes off any females face


The drive-thru’s or drive ups, to the drive ins and dive bars

Dairy freeze was a place to eat at two or three when we couldn’t speak

But the drive-in movie to catch a flick or maybe a wondrous first kiss

It’s as old as time when the classics seem to rhyme


“Take it to the limit” by the eagles was our go to when we go on a trip for dip by the trailer or cottage

Their greatest hits became our mantra for the weekend

Belting out tunes like “Heartache Tonight” or chillin’ with a, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”

As loud as we could through the windows of an old 1984 dark blue Chevrolet Chevette,

Under the spells of, “Witchy Woman” coasting to “Seven Bridges Road” and lost on a dark desert highway, “Hotel California” only to finally arrive at our destination to “Take it Easy”

Making memories anew or remembering memories of old

In these days that surely called to our younger souls


About the Creator

CR. Phoenix

I live moment by moment, creatively writing from an ensemble of memories, lessons and experiences.

All images are from my personal collection

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