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Fruitless Farmland (a poem)

by Svetlana Sterlin 11 months ago in nature poetry
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A poem about the Australian landscape and those who claim ownership of the country.

Photo by @ruralexplorer via Unsplash

Fruitless farmland

avocado sunset

red wine sunset

algae sunk hills

cake crumbed soil

spirits flowing the river

split sunrays falling the water


this land is not our home.

at this time of day

valley of cracked amethysts

valley of diamonds at sunup

valley of granite at deadnight

purple chocolate sunset


autumn leaf sunup

beach hazed roadtrip

trip through pebbled path

this land is not our home.

it begs dreads us to go home.

windowless warehouse sunset


so much food we can’t eat

this land is not our own.

mango tree over the yard

rooted in our neighbours’ yard

the land is not our own.

slippery salmon sunset


when can we go home?

i picked a lemon today

from the neighbours’ orchard

when will we go home?

another dreaded sunset

this land is not our own.


cutouts of cloned waves

i choose the colour yellow

smudged ash sunset

over a land that isn’t home.

droop the bloodlines in your face

this land is not your home.


[Originally published in Urinal Mag]

nature poetry

About the author

Svetlana Sterlin

Svetlana Sterlin is a prose, poetry, and screenwriter based in Brisbane, Australia. She's the founding editor of swim meet lit mag, a contributor at Our Culture Magazine, and a reader for Split Rock Review. https://linktr.ee/svetlanasterlin

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