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frozen spaceship

by jake c 3 months ago in surreal poetry
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nonsense overture

frozen spaceship
Photo by Yong Chuan Tan on Unsplash

..more nonsense

The shepherd takes control

Of this faltering starship

My hopeless mumblings spit

Into his ear, forcing him to quit

But don’t look resigned

I am the engineer

Make the engine scream

Report to the deck

Set our sights on

The Planet, Respect

Bill cries in anguish

“The key won’t even turn

It is too frigid to ride”

I push him to the side

Please stop the moaning

I always run hot

The engine starts to wail

We cruise off with the snail

As we crawl into

The Restaurant, Unswept

The charisma man steers

The ferry toward the dock

But we seem to have hit a rock

“Slide over fool I’ll have better luck”

Don’t cry bewildered

I served in the Navy

The rudder spins in a loop

Our course is now correct

To collide with

The Lakehouse, Unchecked

surreal poetry

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jake c

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