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From Ashes to Embrace: A Love Reversed

A journey from hatred to love

By Nurudeen Ademola Ojo Published 2 months ago 1 min read
From Ashes to Embrace: A Love Reversed
Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

In the gentle embrace of dawn,

Love whispered secrets, soft and warm.

Beneath the vast, starlit sky,

Hearts entwined, you and I.

A journey of passion we chose to embark,

Where shadows dance and flames ignite.

In every touch, a spark,

Binding us in endless light.

But when the stars fade into day,

Doubts and fears begin to sway.

Words, once sweet, now carry thorns,

In silence, our bond wears and mourns.

Beneath the facade of affection's glow,

Lies a battleground, scars unseen.

With each passing day, resentments grow,

Love's garden overshadowed by jealousy's green.

Yet, from these ashes of disdain,

A truth, stark, begins to reign.

For in hatred's cold, relentless grip,

We find the strength to let love slip.


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