If it means anything

If it really does

If it gives you 1 oz. more belief in me

I want to belive you

I want to hear your words, that after theyve been spoken

Pierce through my rock hard exterior and gloriously ignite my soul

I want to be just like everyone else

You know, seemingly ok

When underneath you're screaming

But through the years you've managed to numb the sound of your own heart dying

And did you know like almost all of the Kardashians are pregnant at the same time?

I want to actually care about stupid shit like that.

Maybe my head would hurt less.

I want to be geniunely happy for your success

And not make you feel like I wanted something from you

I wanted a friend

So when you became successful I disappeared

I want you to wish me well

Or farewell

No hard feelings. I get it. Do you?

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Joseph Carrillo

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