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Freedom’s Commitment

The Chains of Freedom

By Thavien YliasterPublished 9 months ago 2 min read
Freedom’s Commitment
Photo by Tony Rojas on Unsplash

I was born to this world

I was born to this Earth

On this giant floating space rock is the place of my birth


Yet I’m not free

As free as I could be

Only reason I’m not free

Is a lack of responsibility


Not positivity

All this possibility

Too much Paralysis Analysis

Can sap your Creativity


Instead of exploring

Imploring, and learning to conquer

You sit and study for hours, make no moves, that’s your faulter


Time is moving fast,

It’s Nature,

No one can stop Her

You gotta break out’ta

This Syndrome

That’s Your Imposter


You wanna grow to make improvements

More by the increment

You gotta take decisive action, and stick with commitment


Intuition, comes from inner Wisdom, when you step forward,

Enacting, turning your ignition

As you step past the veil of false precognition

You have to listen

To your instinct’s decision


As your eyes are now opened to the true frontal vision


For when you commit

You leave all the rest

Like set in cement

You leave the nest


Of comfort and wanting potential

Cause that’s an indecisive mess

You have to earn credentials


That’ll put your head above the crest

Too many options & Too many doors

Will slam your down,

I must confess


When you pick up commitment

As you learn to stick with it

People will stick with your proven projects cause you have proven fitness

As others have all witnessed


When it comes to being free in your decisions you have to make commitments


And learn from mistakes

If not your mistake

Will be devotion to everything,

Cause you’re misplaced


Efforts never left you

And soon you’ll hate

Never opening doors to close one’s behind

You could decide your own fate


So now let’s replicate

A pattern for success

To remove all of the stress

Incite more of what makes us blessed

Cause though we have those options, they’re limited like in Chess

Get off your chest

The weight that has been pressed


Now put your motor neurons in motions, and the links that connect


Your life is Yours,

It’s up to you to protect

And when it comes to potent


Remove the bad ones from your life; Discard them, bad apples make defects

You’re not a reject

But sometimes you need to eject

To learn from your wrong assumptions, Improve your thinking’s precept

You learn more from fails than you do from wins, I know you get the concept


As you learn to course correct

And undo your wrongs

Your internal growth with external receipts

I know you’ll grow strong

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Thank You for stopping by. Please, make yourself comfortable. I'm a novice poet, fiction writer, and dream journalist.



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