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Freedom: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors

by Vanessa Emily Rose Wilcox 6 months ago in inspirational
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A Poet's Insight

On the road to freedom. Palisade, CO

Freedom does not exist. It is a fallacy.

This truth hurts; to know; to bear; to share.

Enslavement is all I know.

I don't know when all of our families became enslaved.

Perhaps all living creatures are not free, and it has always been and will always be.

But what I do know is, we hide behind it, the fallacy of freedom.

We pretend we are free; free for what?

As children, we don't know the structure of society.

Perhaps childhood is truly the only freedom we have, but even then, we are not truly free.

Children are bound by the chains put on from caretakers.

The reason is unimportant because, now as an adult I ask you,

When you look at your day-to-day schedule, are you free?

When you look at your bank account, are you free?

When you agree to help your boss, by going in when short-staffed and beyond busy, are you free?

We make agreements, built upon thoughts, thoughts that ought not to be believed.

Thoughts like,

" If I get the next phone, it'll help organize my life more, then I'll have more free time to spend family and friends or doing what I enjoy."

"If I get my pay raise or a better paying job, I'll have more financial freedoms to spend money on things that I want and need."

"If I work a little longer and harder now, I will have the freedom to retire early and live the same lifestyle as I am right now."

While these thoughts may be helpful,

as helpful as they may be,

these are all fallacies of freedom.

So long as we recognize with kindness, the chains we bear,

may we continue to acknowledge the choice to take the shackles off.

Maybe even change them, to something that pairs better with our true desires.

I share these thoughts, with kindness and love,

presently imprisoned,

in a man's body,

for I am female.

I will be free,



About the author

Vanessa Emily Rose Wilcox

Transgender🏳️‍⚧️⚧️ She/Her

Owner of Inspiration Equity Limited

"Only you can make it happen!"

NLP Certified Life Coach 💪

Funding your inspiration through open-minded writing, pictures, and coaching sessions!


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