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Nobody can take it from me

By Ute Luppertz ✨ Published about a month ago 1 min read
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Freedom—I cannot count the times I have heard it, talked about it, discussed it, fought for it, yelled about it, and defended it—or so I thought.

Yet, I needed to understand that it is fundamentally an inside job.

Is there oppression? Yes.

Things to get pissed off about? Yes.

I have learned that a space of neutrality opens up when I take a breath before I feel the urge to spit fire.

I have learned that there is a space in me that nobody can touch if I stay connected to myself. Is it easy? Sometimes.

I have learned that I am better and do better when I pause before I am about to fly off the handle.

The pause allows for creativity; it enables resourcefulness.

The magic number is three — when I don’t come up with three options for a dilemma, I need to pause a bit longer.

I understand that I become part of the enemy I fight against. Polarization sucks.

Does this mean that I stay passive? No.

I strive for conscious action.

This is my story.

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About the Creator

Ute Luppertz ✨

I am an animal lover, a meditator, and a wisdom keeper. I live my passion through writing about life and animals and working as a pet death doula and animal communicator.

You can learn more about me here: petspointofview

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    Ute Luppertz ✨ Written by Ute Luppertz ✨

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