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By LenrocTheDirector Published 2 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Tony Rojas on Unsplash


I fuck with you more, than you fuck with me.

I clearly see how things are seeming to be. So unlock this chain and and let me be free..

We seek happiness in pursuit of finding something we create in our minds. But in actuality it’s very difficult to find what the mind fant-a-sies... while flowing down in red wine. Tender crimes committed now everybody crying love is blind..

Set me free and allow me to soar. Reaching pinnacle heights that seem closed mined, shallow depth of field, and still need a magnifying glass to find it..

o don’t worry I got the tip and the bill, I gave you a chance and got my fill.....

Seemingly I feel the love for me, that seems to be empty, the same “ahh” feel you get in your side.. I know this feel.. I know this vibe... so unlock this chain and let me be free ...

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I am the soul of this body✨,

FMOT: _Lenroc22

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