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Four Shades

by Anitha Sankaran 5 months ago in nature poetry

A Poem

Four Shades
Photo by Robert Katzki on Unsplash

Morning light shines through window blinds

reflects six around one flower in the cornea of our eyes

Delve deep into the kaleidoscopic eyes

Excavate a place between heaven and earth

Sun at the right angle - an orbit permeates our inner core

Strikes soul’s tuning fork to a musical resonance

Revelation of creation, the genesis,

origin of all forms embodying oneness

The dissipating twilight - interlinks you as you

you as a multidimensional self

with the infinite Universe

finds pathway to infinite realms

A light which is not light - shades of dark

Harmony hidden from all-seeing eyes

by the waxing and waning moon

Ascendance from earthly struggle

we believe occurs at the next daylight

nature poetry

Anitha Sankaran

I'm a freelance writer and a former IT professional. I write poetry, articles about personal development, short stories and flash fictions.

Twitter: @sankaran_anitha

Insta: @anisesh1

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Anitha Sankaran
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