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Two Pondered Before They Swam

By Beautiful IntelligencePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

This little duck let me get close. Close enough to take the photo. I literally had to chase him around for a couple of minutes before he let me get the back of him. Maybe I should have brought him something to eat. They are grateful average sized creatures; and friendly too. I had to get a picture of him/her. He/she was the only one out there with color. As you can see, his/her neck is a pretty green. It doesn’t really go with the rest of the colors on his/her body, but it’s there and he/she stands out from the rest. Anyway, I chose to leave him/her alone and entertain a new friend.

The second little duck let me get close enough to almost touch his/her feathers. The thought of touching an outside bird, curdled my stomach in knots. I can look, appreciate, and admire their beauty all day, but I could not touch him/her. Just before I could get my hand a little closer, he/she of course flew away. Luckily, I got the “almost close enough” shot.

The last little ducks are my favorite. This is actually my favorite shot. I couldn’t get close to them, for fear of them flying into the river. But let’s talk about the shot. It was actually in the middle of the day, at Kelly Drive Park in Philadelphia, PA. I don’t know why, but the photo came out dark. I guess the sun was too bright for the camera. The photo was snapped in just a moment, but the picture was something I glared at for the gist of my day. As you look at the photo, what do you see?

I see two birds staring into the sea.

What is on their minds, no one knows.

All I know is this picture is capturing a glow.

A glow of darkness with dazzling ripples

Every bird knows just how the feeling underneath tickles.

Then your mind changes to what they might be saying to one another:

Where might we land our bottoms today?

Should we go over there, or in the middle for play?

Should we show off our skills and let the humans admire our glide?

We look so lovely, and only real beauties are swans that fly.

Our love matches the look in everyone’s eyes.

As we sit close and gather our thoughts under the sky

We’ll be at peace and when it’s time to take off high and bye.

We don’t focus on the people who watch us from behind.

Our focus is only to match the river with our sun, the guide.

Everyday same time we all line up to match the horizon so wide.

The line travels long and strong to match our pride.

How can anyone say we’re just birds and we don’t matter.

Pay attention to our stature, our discipline and our pause never sadder.

We live happy, healthy and wholesome lives.

For the people give us bread, to make us happy and fatter in time. ….

I don’t know why, for the second time again, but my thoughts went there. To make things more interesting there was a guy out in the park feeding the birds nothing but bread. You should see how they flock to you, if and when you do. I couldn’t get a picture of him. Unfortunately, he is not a member of the Vocal team. But this is where I go to clear my mind. To watch them is an amazing sight to see. Especially when they take off and fly. I also love to look at the water. It is very calming and peaceful. The swans seems as if they feel the same way too. I love these photos. Not because they took a whole 30 days to capture, but because they all are special in their own little way. I got a chance to capture my fear and go close to the ducks. I also became an amateur photographer.

The funny is I took photography as an elective my senior year of high school. I always thought I sucked at it. But these photos don’t suck at all. Anyway, thanks for allowing me to share, and I hope you all enjoy the photos.

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