Found and Lost

by Luce LeBeau 2 years ago in sad poetry

Lost and Alone

Found and Lost

It pains me

To see you so blue,

But what can I do

When I can't reach out to you?

I'm lonely.

I'm tired.

I want to go home.

But what home have I ever known?

I feel.

I seek.

I cry.

But my tears are seen by no one alive.

I listen.

I think.

I long.

But what can I do to reach you?

How do I let you know

That I'm dying inside?

That I feel lost every day

With no one to guide my way?

How can I tell you

Where I've gone

When "there" is nowhere

And home is not a home?

How do I say "Help me"

When no one will hear my cry?

How can I say "Please rescue me"

When you're out of the sight of my eye?

sad poetry
Luce LeBeau
Luce LeBeau
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