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Foul Kiss

by Brendan De Lucia 2 days ago in slam poetry


Foul Kiss
Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

Milk white fangs sank their feet

deep into my nape while pale lips

whispered sweet nothings into my ear

At first I was weak, for a glorious voice

was all I could hear

Accepting the pain,

I could feel teeth on bone

Floating into black, the faceless

voice began to moan

Then my heart bloomed,

reminding me of my power

I must not allow this evil

to acquire this flower

Committing to self-love,

my blood quickly became toxic

The fangs retracted and

the voice lost its logic

My life drew swords with the legions

of my own hellacious abyss

Freeing my soul from such a

lovely, foul kiss

slam poetry
Brendan De Lucia
Brendan De Lucia
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Brendan De Lucia

My name is Brendan De Lucia, I am from Boston MA and I am obsessed with poetry. An easy way to describe what I do is to simply say, I bend words. You can find me on Instagram, Word.Press, Poetizer, and Facebook @Word.Bender.

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