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by cadaveres 8 days ago in inspirational

Undoing Generational Trauma

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I can only catch glimpses of my childhood

fluttering by,

moths to the electric resonance

of light.

The few I trapped

on the latticework of memories

remained covered with layers

upon layers of





That I learned to ignore

in hopes of forgetting,

losing them to the flood of

electric waves inside my brain.

When nothing worked

and the dust only piled up

until I was nothing more

than the attic of an abandoned house.

I figured the sepia scope

of nostalgia,


exposure, would help in letting go.

I revisited these childhood monsters,

returning to the house with lights always flickering

to learn so I could


And I forgave myself.

Shocked by the crumbled walls I had built

tumbling down by my hands,

the ghosts of charred night butterflies

escaped the cobweb I had laced.

And we were free.

By Amanda Jones on Unsplash



Queer Mexican writer, editor, and translator. My work centers on the stigma of mental health: life with comorbid mental health diagnoses, finding accessible resources and competent specialists, and healing. | https://linktr.ee/cadaveres

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