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Forgetting What I Had Known

by orangepeachapples about a year ago in surreal poetry
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The past, is the past.

I had to move out of the

cities to find a prettier city.

I had to move out of the cities, because I was afraid of the cities.

I was a sticky hippie, where everything was shifty.

I was nifty and gritty, I didn't care if they missed me.

I knew I had to make my own way through the dirt, I knew I had to carve my own path into the earth.

I had to forget everything I




it was the only way to find my way back home.

My home was always tucked, locked away inside:

I was always,


people pleasing from the moment I was "yeigh high."

And noone cared to tell me, because everyone was "doing it."

"You should be like us!" Is the message I was burdened.

And I know that it's not their fault; I mean, why is it so important to dress in gold?

Why was it so important for everyone to dress in gold?

Why was it so important to never rearrange?

Do I have to worship all of your god's? Or is it okay to walk my walk?


I agree that having balance create's a form of unity and oneness, but;

if you truly can't love me for being, we'll, me,

then why should I even give you a moment of my own deity, that is, me?

I may believe in a Power high above, but I will never sell my self for ANYTHING less than


I forgive you all for the burdens and the madness; I pray that you one day will find your



and REAL


surreal poetry

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