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For youth, we are all the same

by Lamiya Nova about a month ago in art
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For youth, we are all the same

Other people's youth gives love, I don't. I didn't have to get married. You don't have to buy a house to find a girl who can have sex with you and me, to wantonly say love words and unfounded vows. My youth is all given to her. I love her deeply. Although my signal of love has not been answered, I still haven't changed. This may be my unique love with me. Because I can't give her the so-called happiness, so I chose to bless her as a friend, watching her know that she gets the happiness she wants. If this is also a kind of love, then my love is for her. I will willingly pay all. If she can be happy, I will be happier than others, because she is all I have. Just like a line in the biography of Wulin, I'm a thief. I don't have anything clean on me. Look up at the moon. It's my cleanest thing. I'll give it to you today.

In the face of love, we all learn to say things against our hearts.

Other people's youth gave me dreams. I didn't. I just listened to Xu Wei's songs when I was in junior high school, and then secretly vowed to sing the joy and sadness in my heart with his guitar on his back. Maybe the dream is like this and can't be forgotten. If you forget it, when you think about it and pick up the relics, you find that you have become more decadent, afraid and dare not have a dream. We are not strong enough to face our dreams.

My youth is not given to friends, family or campus. My youth is lost to reality. My mother often tells me what is reality. The reality is that I can have steamed bread today Can not be hungry, this is the reality. Yes, what a cruel reality. The reality is when you can't dress well When riding a bicycle, no girl will look at you. The reality is that when you don't have a prominent life experience, you can hardly get what some people can easily get. I've always heard that a college diploma is equivalent to a stepping stone. It may let you choose your favorite career. In fact, the only real and most powerful stepping stone is money. When you want to get close to a girl, no matter how sincere you are, no matter how good you are, you have to have money first. She won't give a man without money the opportunity to understand each other and self-expression.

I dropped out of school and went home before I finished my first year of senior high school. From then on, it means that I have no so-called youth who can boldly express good feelings like girls and impulsively travel on holidays. I began to learn to smoke, and the latter began to dress up more mature, began to learn some skills that can have a way out of life, and began to learn to leave home and work far away. Also began to learn to sigh. Then they will be encouraged by their parents to get married, have their own family children, and then pay for it with the rest of their life. We have to skip another chapter of our youth, but we are not willing to face it directly.

Thousands of flowers and flowers are always guests, but they are no match for the autumn cold when the leaves fall. In my opinion, youth is nothing special. Maybe it is simply used to fantasize about the beauty of everything. When it passes, it can't remember what happened


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