For the Girl You Are and the Woman You Will Be:

My Niece

For the Girl You Are and the Woman You Will Be:

The first time I saw you, my world stopped. I'm not kidding; all the gravity that surrounded me disappeared and I turned into a balloon that stayed tied to the depths of your eyes.

You turned into the light to which I, as a moth, was attracted. I could not resist the amount of colors you brought to my gray world.

SUMMER ARRIVED!! And you arrived alongside.

You brought with you that kind of heat that runs through the body and makes you appreciate that you are alive.

But sometimes even with bliss going through the soul, I cannot help but think that you are going to grow.

You will grow and you will want to fly.

And although I want you to fly, to live, to fill the world with that wonderful and pure light that surrounds you. A part of me, my selfish part, does not want to let you go.

Do not think I do not love you, that I only want you for me. I am afraid. I am afraid that your light will be obscured by the blackness of this world. A world that, in a short time, can consume everything that is good.

But even with fear, even when the deepest part of me wants you to stay, be assured that I will always be that engine that will propel you to fly. And if your wings ever fail, I will give you mine.

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