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Food for Thought

by Thavien Yliaster 7 months ago in slam poetry
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Caloric Creativity

Food for Thought
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

The Brain needs its food

It’s always on high alert

Brains need stimulus


Problems, Problems

Making Creating

Problem, Yes Problems

Continuous Self-replicating

Do they only exist

So that we can solve them?

Or do they only persist

To make us to stop them?


Neuron potential fire linking

Action wire thinking

Correlative thought processes ensure that we’re not leaking

As we’re seeking

New proven solutions

To help ease the confusion

Removing factors

Before and After

That have unnecessary intrusion


Solving what’s complex

Knowing we’re perplexed

A brain wraps around, like a constrictor, to grasp the concepts


As we need caloric density

To power Mind’s intensity

The gray Matter Scaling

improving one’s propensity


To adapt mental clarity

Relapse? No, no disparity

Making moves and judgements for us all, then we make it clear to see


Develop what you got

Learn to form your plot

Just like fuel, brains need resources, all that

Food for Thought

Implement your memory

It’s okay to say “I forgot”

But don’t give up yet

Just never forget

Learning to solve your problems

Is a constant 100%


Since when your thoughts have their food

It changes your mood

Nurturing Stimuli it’s more than just good

But would

You take the steps to improve

Your concentration?

At least you should

Take the steps to halt



It’s not always easy to get proper nutrition

Food and mental work both

To create definition

Folds upon folds, the brain’s striated condition

Take heed as we listen

Read & Re-Read to help one’s cognition


Mental Roadmap’s that’s blocked, seems so inhibiting

Draw it out, make the map, test creativity


Unload of your mind, write to ease the burden

No longer stuck for the time, since that’s how it’s learnin’


A brain that’s at work demands a high glucose salary

Throughout the whole day it takes a fifth of your calories


On alert and hard work, it’s the one that’s in class

Efficient, lightweight, 2% of your mass


“Food For Thought”

Let’s dive deep and explore it

Unique problem-solving

Creativity that’s caloric


Author’s Notes: A few notes that were written down for the help of this poem come from an article titled “Does Thinking Burn Calories? Here’s What The Science Says,” by © 2022 TIME, USA, LLC.

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