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Florida Man

by Danielle Eckhart 4 months ago in social commentary

He deserves his own poem.

Florida Man
Photo by Jack Kelly on Unsplash

Welcome to the Sunshine State,

There are many sights to see,

You may take a trip to Disney World,

Or grab a bite to eat,

No matter where you go,

There's one man you just can't miss,

Florida Man, or as we know him,

A man with a death wish,

There is little to fear or fret,

When you have a gator as a pet,

And you wrestle swampy beasts,

without dropping your cigarette,

Some blame the heat or the rising temp,

Others say it's the cost of living or the hemp,

Either way, it's safe to say he carries the most luck,

To get arrested in a shirt that says, "I don't give a F***"

He rarely wears clothing; you could have seen worse,

He doesn't have insurance to see a proper nurse,

If you see a naked man running down the street,

Snap a picture for the rest of us to see,

There's little else that grips us Floridians so,

As a grown man running in a thong speedo.

social commentary

Danielle Eckhart

I'm just a writer writing things.

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Danielle Eckhart
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