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Flight of the Crows

by Ulric Henry 10 months ago in surreal poetry
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A Poem

Flight of the crows by Ulric Henry

The Flight of the crows

They swore through the night

I took myself along the road in deep thought as the swored through the night

I far from home in a state of shock and all alone

To be left with my thoughts of of the prison that we drift through in what we are prone

To wonder in the deep and dark valley like a programmed drone

I was listen to the memories of long gone past

As my heart amongst my on panic was driven loud and fast

The punding of the heartfelt light that is gone to twilight time

And the spin of the hopeful future is like a spinning dime

As soon as I reached the end of the hill

And I and my thoughts were suddenly coming still a crow landed before me as if to stop me and patrol me and looked into my eyes deep as if to anaylze me

I stared at this magnifiecent creature

And he simply stared back

As if he was waiting for words to escape me that would than attracted his attention of what he wanted

But what did he want

My soul my soul

Who indeed will know

© 2021 Ulric Henry All Rights Reserved

surreal poetry

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Ulric Henry

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