by Bianca Wargo 9 months ago in heartbreak

A Reflection on the Past


It’s hard when the flames come

And they devour your paper roses.

You knew it’d probably happen, but you denied it

Until it came true.

The hardest part is knowing that the both of you

Were so in love


That’s gone now.

The fondness that you thought might still be there–

Also gone.

Because you were the one that held loyalty so dear,

But somehow,



He went astray.

There were red flags.

You should have known.

You should have seen that this could,

And indeed would happen.

But don't blame this on yourself.

You were not the one that chose to step on the heart in the middle of the path.

You'd picked it up...

Loved it...

Cherished it.

Rather, your heart was stepped on.

That is not your fault.

That is all because of the wildfire flames

That devoured the paper roses along with your heart,

Devouring them...

Engulfing them...

Until there was nothing left but embers.

Bianca Wargo
Bianca Wargo
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