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Fire in Ordinary Time

Disaster calendar

By Lori LamothePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Fire in Ordinary Time
Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash

It's a Wednesday after epiphany  and all I want to do is write

a weekday sort of poem.

Maybe make a stab at beauty - - scribble leaves flaming as they fall 

or invent candles flickering in windows.

Instead I'm thinking about the pick-up that swerved too close 

to me and my dogs this morning—

about how the sunflowers—radiant, wild— didn't notice,

only went on shooting up in the lot where the factory used to be.

On TikTok, an influencer announces that forests are burning red,

that blue licks at foundations as seagrass

becomes air. In other words, it's Wednesday ,

just another day

when disaster goes on playing with our planet

like some dark, untameable animal

with life caught between in its paws.

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About the Creator

Lori Lamothe

Poet, Writer, Mom. Owner of two rescue huskies. Former baker who writes on books, true crime, culture and fiction.

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