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by Thavien Yliaster 7 months ago in surreal poetry
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“We are finite in finite, because we are not infinite.”

Photo by and machines on Unsplash

We are limited

Not prohibited

So Now we’re livin’ it


Provided with boundaries

is what we got

We’re Not Infinite

In our choices and decisions, we have to be discriminate


To my life I’m givin’ it

Better orders and borders

As I organize it like a folder

My boundaries are my lover, So you know that I’ll hold her


I’m a scolder

Of people overreaching

False prophets preaching

Fakers action faking

Flakers that are flaking

And on top of

Society’s Sobriety

Politicians Overtaking


Being Finite

I know I’m not so bright

Yet, I can bring my light

To fend off the harshness of others that surround us in this fight


Of life

Bearing Perdition


Non-Stop Ending

Fractal Patterns

Can only fit so much in this

Mental Recognition


Only so much space can fit up inside

The Labyrinth comprised

That makes our Minds


Like Calculus’ Intervals

We want to reach the Line


Of our limits and succeed past what we were capable of achieving through our labors’ intensive grind

Coupled with mental sweat and fortitude

Reaching New Heights

Achieving Higher Altitudes

Results of adjusting attitudes

Never forgetting where we come from

Expressing all our gratitude


Making the most of our time because we can’t live for Eternity

Having our ripples cause shockwaves

Effects extending for infinity

It’s Cause & Effect

But we should protect

Our limited sourced of Energy

Then match and pair with others creating powered synergy


Just as our cells have membranes

We must care while our mental’s still in Sane

Be careful that we don’t go insane

Taking fault for when we fall,

Not living in blame

Set up emotional boundaries

We remain in frame

Not being others’ pieces,

Apart of their game


With all this preservation and self-protection

We have to remember to not be afraid of connection

Nor look past the mirror for serious introspection

Learning to value our own opinions, but never hesitant for self-reflection

Coming to terms in being finite

And not becoming other people’s self-projection


When we’re objection

Objected to a state

By someone else’s fate

Of how they want to see and desire our own state

In relations to theirs

By they do not care

Cause they want reality to fit their vision,

But in the end, we know that’s not fair


But let us beware

And let us not scare

As we accept the finite world

That we live in and share


When it comes to free will

Take a moment

Be still

Laws of Nature are indifferent,

But people are real

Their emotions they feel

Like you, they want the choice to be together

Mutual Free Will


It’s hard to feel whole

When you’re not in control

Submit and lean back because the journey’s not full

There’s what you can do

Then there’s what we can too

Adding to one another constructing a new


Viewpoints align

Dimensions defined

Constraints properly given through the fabric of time


Yet, when we’re together

We can all weather

Our boundaries makes us whole

As our limits combine


Multiple cells

Some shrink and Some swell

They connect and share resources

They provide for the well

Being of others

Along for themselves

Biology’s limitations

They work for our functions is what they do delve


No longer over constrained

No longer over restrained

No more are we over inhibited

We live in our frame


Take care to do what is right

Make sure you measure your might

You’re stronger than you know

Don’t worry, You’ll be alright

Connect and unite

Don’t worry for fright

It’s okay to be limited

Because we’re Finite

surreal poetry

About the author

Thavien Yliaster

Thank You for stopping by. Please, make yourself comfortable. I'm a novice poet, fiction writer, and dream journalist.



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