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finely tuned

nearly incomprehensible

I felt the slices of all the leaves

the invisible guardians blue

packed some parts in gauzy boxes

it doesn't translate beyond love

the rhyming set a tone unheard of

we are just watchers

there's some things so sacred I ain't tellin

but for sure it's well beyond the tragedy traded for soul conviction

the gentle step's slow awareness

makes the drama terrors hide

I'm trying to love the ghosts

and grow wings

I think they might be frightened

the stark brown branches dark

on a blue pink morning sky

the green of our imagination

nowhere to be found outta sight

not sleeping

and yet we are yearly baptized in the Spring faith

that flower you can't touch in February

it comes surely

safe in the open

the sacred cadence

we all know

it's the alpha and omega of your existence quite truly

the beats of your heart breathing

the pulling of the invisible into your inside self

the transformation of it sent gently onward

for the giant trees wish to inhale your smoke second hand

that water clear and lightning struck

river run

a million things

he's not breathing

she's falling asleep

my God the dreaming of Her

take that at face value

it's worth more than gold

divine inspiration

for starters ignore

who questions the philosophy of Creation

laid out for us to see

take a deep breath

Raise a glass

surreal poetry
Susan Loehe
Susan Loehe
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Susan Loehe
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