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Finding My Place

What It Means to Be Me, Even I Don't Know

By EJ BaumgardnerPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Finding My Place
Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

Even when I’m with my people, I feel out of place.

Even within myself, I feel out of place.

When I feel something, I feel it too much.

When I want someone, I long for their touch.

I have fallen in love with falling in love

And the wonders that romance is full of.

And I fixate on the things that bring me joy,

Whether games, friends, music, or toys.

I obsess and become absorbed for only so long

Before everything grows dull and just feels wrong.

Can anything keep my attention and fill the void?

Will I be happy when my life is destroyed?

I don’t know how I can learn to exist with myself.

Take aspects of my personality, put them on the shelf.

Hope they never come out; they never see the light.

I can’t live like this; I know it’s not right.

Do I belong anywhere? Do I have a place?

Or should I fade away without leaving a trace?

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About the Creator

EJ Baumgardner

A writer through and through, I just want to perfect my craft and build a community. This place would not exist without both, you and me.

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