Figures of a Lady

by IWonder 2 8 months ago in sad poetry

Masked Behind Restraints

Figures of a Lady

Give me a mirror

Let me see my reflection

For my skin is not glowing

and my hair is falling

my eyes have burst its ducts

and the river is filling

blood replaces the water

Like a miracle in Can'aan

Smiling have become a chore

Living have become survival

I no longer want to breath

The cage bird no longer wants to sing

Dreams of dreams have shatter

and a soul beyond repair

Who wants to kill a mocking bird

that longs to disappear.

Their fortune, no longer speaks to me

Neither does their home

Life without any substances erks me

But is now mines alone

The devil has won me over

by hardly doing anything at all

I just might be happy

Saying praise Satan to all.

But my sanity havent left me that much

and my quick Witt humor and banter

Keeps average but well company at night

Hope is my enemy but with good intentions in her heart

My soul shall happily find me

With doom and gloom around

Like his merry band and him

I am ever so rarely found

Now a question lies within me

A question i so recently found

What do you do Natalia

When all is found is gone.

Maybe i have the answer,

Maybe i have known all along.

What i do know however

I that i Natalia Cherise Vivian. Will not give up

and i will not be brought down

by a fool of ignorance.

sad poetry
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