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by The Bearded Bartender 4 years ago in inspirational
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I walked through fields of broken glass.

I walked through fields of broken glass

Trying not to bleed

Trying not to hurt

Looking for a way to end the pain

The hurt, the misery

A way to free myself

From the darkness and despair

Your eyes

Your words

Your love

Gave me that way

Your eyes

Made me lose all sight

Of the darkness and despair around me

Your words

Blocked out the pain and misery

And your love

Your love raised me up

and freed me from the fields of broken glass

And set me down in the fields of butterflies

You freed me

You freed my pain

You freed my heart

Your love has set me free

Now I walk through the fields of butterflies

No more blood

No more pain

In these fields there is only love

No pain, no misery, no despair

Only hope, bliss, and love

Our love

Forever love


About the author

The Bearded Bartender

I am a creator of many things: stories, poems, songs, and much more. Here you will be able to read the insanity that runs through my mind, ranging from light hearted to complete darkness. Hope you enjoy the world inside my mind.

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