Only the Classics
Only the Classics

Field of Flowers

In Springtime

Field of Flowers

I saw a field of flowers

On a sunny day

I sat down to watch them

As they began to sway

In the breeze so gentle

They then began to say

Here comes the spring wind

Will it e'er now stay

The flowers they are blooming

Deep they are as the sea

Colors so young and vivid

They remind me

Nothing is ever forgotten

Nothing ever ends

It only ever changes

It only ever bends

To blossom like a flower

Is a dream for all to see

What started out so insignificant

Suddenly can be

Something bright and beautiful

So don't you dare hold back

But blossom like the field of flowers

Leave nothing e'er to lack

nature poetry
Shawna Holley
Shawna Holley
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Shawna Holley

Hi Im Shawna! I love writing poetry and it has been an outlet for alot of feelings! I also love photography and the outdoors. Enjoy 😃

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