Feet Be Still

by Jordan Hayden 2 years ago in heartbreak

Only the Lost Can Be Found

Feet Be Still

If the moment came down to it

Run away, Runaway.

Never feeling won't stop the pain

It's catching up, catching up.

Slam the door, mouth can't stay shut.

Snuff out, sources repay. While memories replay. Sit in sickness relay every cycle, every frame. Won't it hurt to find the way? Say there's a reason for all this pain.

How can the enemy see through a skinny plee? Well, it's the enemies crafted scheme. Golden hearted coin traded love for certainty. Because love isn't it a mystery. No, stop with the tease, no more sucking blood. Let tears flow, wash away fake trust. Arm taken twisted, feel a rush. So frustrating must be a reason for this lust. It's the signal of a soul searching. No map. All Dust.

How does it work?
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Jordan Hayden

I live in Arizona and enjoy writing poetry. 

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