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by Duanyell Williams 5 years ago in performance poetry
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I'm like a Father

I'm the head of the house

Cheif of the tribe

I'm a holy mystic

A glowing shaman

I expand worlds when I give secret books

I'm a guide to the 888 Wonders of the Universe

I make timeless things

Raise perpetual beings

I'm a walking mountain...

Run to me

I'm always close.

Find shelter in me when there's a storm.

You're always welcome and my caves are homely.

Find solace in the talking winds as they pass you.

Come to me if there's ever need.

I'll never break.

I'm unrelenting

I'm a Wolf

Alpha to my grey pack

I'm ferocious.

I'll go to war with a god

Destroy the very idea of the metaphysical if it antagonizes a single one of my betas

But, I don't adorn anything with symbolism without cause.

I'm not free.

I'm a rare commodity and my price is quite steep.

What I want is something invaluable...

I want what you've given value to.

The necklace your grandmother gave you before she passed

Or maybe the lucky pool stick your dad used to win the national billiards championship...

I want your mind

All of your thoughts without pennies

Your darkest temptations

Your blackest secrets

Let me know something...

What is your faith?

What gives you reason to live?

What are your dreams?

But don't say anything

Words don't hold water with me...

Show me your resolve.

I want everything that you are before I give you all of myself.

I want to know that you can be trusted.

I want to know that you're a friend.

That I reside somewhere on your mind...

Recognize me by my laugh

Find me in a crowd through the cadences of my voice

Think of me when something makes you laugh...

I want to be important to you

I want your love and compassion...

Tattoo my name across your heart and give it to me...

Etch my name into your soul to make it mine...

Then I'll give you everything and we'll be bound until the end of time

performance poetry

About the author

Duanyell Williams

I like to tell stories.

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