Family issues

A family torn apart

Family issues

Family issues is when one constantly throws you under the bus

So wrong you cry with sadness through tough troubled times

With every tear comes with anger

With every anger comes sadness

For every sibling there is a war

“knock knock , whose there?”

Your sister emerges from her battle of anger

And yet, another battle begins

Arguments here and there

Especially with the mother

You block the arguments with happy thoughts

Thoughts you wish were real

Your world becomes smaller and smaller

“There’s no space for me to be alone” I say

Too much loud noises coming straight at you

The arguments are getting louder and louder

You can no longer take this

Every room in the house is guarded

You can no longer escape the madness

Madness that now has its place in your family

Family issues is when there is no winner

Everybody loses

But somehow there is still love

Love that is always lost in the war of anger, bitterness and misery

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