Family Demise

by Cassie Perry 2 years ago in slam poetry

Who worn the horns of a dragon?

Family Demise

Bloodline lies thicker than layers of dirt,

Spouting comforters to cover up the truth,

They say water erodes,

Yet restores the circle,

Today papers and artwork with water stained memories were discovered,

An explosion of emotions soar the air,

The pill of resentment—I didn't swallow it,

But you shoved it down my throat,

Waiting for me to choke,

Thankful for the fingers I had to jam down my pipes to cough up the truth,

You always envied the treasure chest I held close,


Trying and let your scales breathe,

Because the fire inside you burn them- hot as a furnace,

I won't allow you to take any more gold coins that were blessed by my savior's innocence.

Because this Peach is ripe,

But not for your claws of picking,


slam poetry
Cassie Perry
Cassie Perry
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Cassie Perry
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