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Falling Down

Pick Your Own Story

By Emily BinkleyPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Falling Down
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She is a live and well. Do you want to meet her?(pick)

(Yes) Well she is just down the hall. I'll take you.


(No) What if she thinks it's my fault?

Just go see her for goodness shakes.

Yeah, listen to your mama.

Okay, I guess.

Yeah, she is asleep now, would you like me to wake her up?(pick)

(No) let her rest. I'll just come back tomorrow.


(Yes) Please, I'm so excited to meet her.


She wakes up, and asks who are you?


(1) Hey, I'm your biological brother.


(2) Hey, I'm your biological sister.


My daughter gave you a kidney. But she died during surgery. The doctor said I could come meet you.

“A kidney? What doctor?” she said looking around the room.

“This doctor” you said as you pointed behind you.

“What there's no one there” she said with a confuse look on her face.


“Have anyone seen patient 203? The patient is not in their room. We have a missing patient. Calling a code.” A nurse with all white scrubs on yelled.

“Uhh”,the lady screamed while see looked at you in fear.

“ You should be in here! Go back to your room”

You finally look down and noticed you have an hospital grown on. (pick your reaction )

(1) “No I am related to you! I am related to you!” you yelled at the top of your lungs.


(2) “Oh, no what's going on,” you asked with a confused look on your face.


The patient yells “ A pyscho patient is in my room”

Nurses soon surround you with a white stray jacket. You then freeze up and went down into a fetal position.

- I want my parents!

“Your parents died a long time ago” said one nurse.

-No, I saw them in the waiting room

-I’m sure you did. Did you see the doctor again too?

“Yes,” you said sobbing as they put you in the wheelchair and rolled you out of the other patient's room.


❤️Thanks for reading this chaotic short story. I'm trying a new style of writing. With practice I will get better. ❤️

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Emily Binkley

Hey ! I love lifting, inspiring and encouraging people through my writing! I also love writing poetry! So please read to get inspired!

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  • Dana Stewart4 months ago

    Innovative concept! It took me a moment to realize what was going on. I love it! Subscribed!

  • Donna Fox4 months ago

    Emily this was such a fun read in the sense that I enjoyed the choose your own story aspect of it! Such an original idea and makes it all the more engaging for the reader! So smart!

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